The Elixir of Life

Farrok's Journal: Entry 2

Location: Helientas Port

A month now has passed since our time in the Cave of the God-touched. My mind reels at the experience still, such that words refuse to form and the pen refuses to move.

After two days of fighting through waves of inherently good creatures, whom when damaged sufficiently disintegrated into a shimmering golden light, we came finally to a large hall. Standing at the altar was an elderly Aasimar— as rare a sight as seeing an elderly Warforged. He said his name was Corinthin Illifur, and that he would be our final test. He was a test we very nearly did not pass, but after defeating him and his summoned minions, we were healed completely. A blinding light enveloped us all, and after a moment, there stood in front of us an angel. It was none-other than Barachiel, the Messenger, and he indeed had a message for us. It seems Mephistopheles has his sights on a new artifact of power. Luckily it is within the capitol city of the Dragon Realm, and if I know dragons and their hoards, it will be difficult for even his agents to access. When I questioned Barachiel about which course to pursue, the freeing of Warforged or the attaining of the item, he told me only that I must follow my heart.

“Follow your heart.” It seems a rather obtuse instruction at first glance, particularly when given to me. But when I consider the options for even a moment, I have no doubt what my course of action will be. The item must be found soon, yes, but the freeing of my people is already far over-due.

In times of war, mobility can mean the difference between a swift victory and a crushing defeat. Mobility itself, however, means little without the skill to maneuver consistently, and the wisdom to know where to go. Up until now my comrades and I have had the former-most aspect, but were sorely lacking in the remaining areas. Now, with a new ship, and the hiring of a proper captain and crew, we will be able to more efficiently prepare this world for the forthcoming storm. Our first destination will be my former “home,” Strand Ellis. Our captain, a former pirate and former admiral, tells me on average our journey should take little over a week. While no time longer than instant would entirely satisfy me, this is certainly preferrable to attempting a march from Helientas through Cageathan and the brutal Nogan Desert.

We set sail soon. We are better outfitted than we were before, but whether it is enough to free my people and assemble an army remains to be seen. All I know is that my heart tells me that it must be done.



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