The Elixir of Life

Scribe's Log 051714

In Which the Party Stomps Some Smurfs While Naked

Session Date: 05/17/14
Location: The Mysterium
Players Attended (5):
- Nal’vyr : Ben
- Udomorn : Tom
- Taysok : Joe
- Rek’Drik : Josh
- Dzeja : Whitney
- Remmar : Andy (DMPC)

Combat Encounters: 2

Non-Player Races Encountered:
- Kobold
- Svirfneblin (Dark Gnome)

Non-Player Characters Encountered:
- Irthos
King Maekrix

Places Encountered:
- Iejirokarthel
- The Fields
- Abandoned Underdark Trade Hub (Svirfneblin Encampment)

OOC New Facts/History
- Kobolds call the Svirfneblin “Shit Eyes”.
- “The Fields” are filled with spots of heavy anti-magic due to its role in The Purge War.
- The Purge War occurred over 200 years ago where factions of the Underdark warred for supremacy.
- The Svirfneblin are working together to engage in slave trading. The Svirfneblin are not known to be slavers. It is gleaned that they are not the only group responsible for the capture of the kobold citizens.

A Long Story Short ((TL;DR))
Udomorn, Nal’vyr, Remmar, and Taysok are taken captive by a group of kobolds of Iejirokarthel to be traded for Dzeja and Rek’Drik, two of King Maekrix’s contracted warriors and the kobold prisoners taken by the Svirfneblin (dark gnomes/“Shit Eyes”). They are stripped of all items and placed in shackles, negating magic, teleportation, movement, and silencing the wearer. The group is ambushed by the Svirfneblin in “The Fields”, swaths of anti-magic spots created by the misfire of an anti-magic bomb the Drow were using during The Purge War. The group is taken to a prison holding in a makeshift camp hosted in an abandoned trade hub city. There, they see Dzeja and Rek’Drik locked away. Rek’Drik panics for hours because of his bonds, shifting in and out of exhausted rest. Udomorn uses Benign Transportation to switch places with Remmar to utilize the silencing affect from Nal’vyr’s Shackles of Silence to negate the sounds of Rek’Drik’s thrashing. The group, except Nal’vyr, decides its best to wait and rest before attempting escape due to extensive marching and lack of food and rest. When the party wakes, combat ensues and the party is victorious. They are able to release Rek’Drik and Dzeja and decide to work together to escape from the Svirfneblin encampment. The party attempts to escape with only minimal weapons and gear. A lengthy battle ensues, draining the party of most of their resources, but they are successful at defeating the Svirfneblin. The party releases the kobold captives and returns to King Maekrix in Iejirokarthel. King Maekrix is thrilled to have his citizens back and rewards the players by sending kobolds to retrieve their armor and gives them a hefty amount of gold.


  • Udomorn, Nal’vyr, Remmar are halted by Kobold sorcerers at the entrance to Iejirokarthel. Taysok was separated from the party in the dungeon leading up to the gates of Iejirokarthel.
  • Nal’vyr attempts to convince the kobolds to let them pass.
  • Kobolds order them to drop their weapons and commands Remmar to dispell his shapeshift; they do so.
  • The Kobolds search the party and lead them into a very large cavern.
    PLACE Iejirokarthel – large systems of caves with pueblo-like caverns. Market, etc.
  • The party is detained until the Kobolds determine it is safe to trust them.
  • The party is stripped of all items that is kept in a pouch of holding by one of the sorcerers.
  • The party is separated into different cells.
  • Remmar and Nal’vyr are bound with Shackles of Silence, negating their magic abilities. Udomorn is bound in normal shackles.
    MEANWHILE: Irthos leads Taysok up a pathway to the entrance of a cave.
  • A kobold guard stops Irthos and commands to take custody of Taysok. Irthos begrudgingly agrees. The kobold takes Taysok into the prison and he is stripped of all his items.
  • The party is reunited in the prison. Taysok realizes that Nal’vyr and Remmar are bound with Shackles of Silence.
  • Hours pass. Possibly a day.
  • Kobold sorcerers come in and open the doors to the party’s cells to release them and command them to kneel.
  • Taysok teleports behind the military leader of the kobolds. He bares his claws.
  • The kobold sorcerers cast Hold Person on Taysok and he is bound with Shackles of Silence and a dimensional anchor.
  • The party is blindfolded.
  • The kobolds take the party and load them onto a cart. Udomorn discerns the kobolds are talking about “The Fields” — a meeting ground for people of opposed philosophies.
    HISTORY There was an event 200 years ago called The Purge War where factions of the Underdark were warring. The Drow created an antimagic bomb that misfired. There are spots of heavy antimagic.
  • Udomorn overhears “Shit Eyes”. It is a derogatory term kobolds use for Svirfneblin (Dark gnomes). He discerns the cart is descending further into the cave system.
  • The cart stops and the kobolds march the party for a few minutes, then stop and make the party kneel again.
  • Udomorn hears voices of different groups. He discerns negotiations are not going well. * The kobolds get frustrated and the gnome does not. He hears a death throttle, then the pitch of battle.
  • Udomorn tries to escape his manacles. He hears “It’s an ambush!” then eventually silence.
  • The party is taken by the Svirfneblin.
  • Udomorn attempts to communicate to them and is clocked in the face by a gnome.
  • The party is forced to march by the gnomes.
  • Udomorn and Taysok fall over from exhaustion.
  • Nal’vyr is unaffected by the march.
  • Remmar becomes fatigued.
  • The gnomes beat Udomorn, trying to knock him unconscious. He fakes unconsciousness. The gnomes lift him on a Tensar’s Floating Disk.
  • They do the same to Taysok who fakes unconsciousness and lifted onto another Disk.
  • The party is taken to separate cages. Dzeja and Rek’Drik are held in a cage in this prison.
  • Rek’Drik is panicking in his cage. RUNT choose to rest to negate fatigue and exhaustion. * Remmar slips out of his shackles and hides his hands to avoid suspicion.
  • Udomorn uses Benign Transposition to switch places with Remmar allowing him to utilize Nal’vyr’s silence to sleep.
  • Udomorn and Nal’vyr are able to break out of their hand shackles.
  • Udomorn is shot by a gnome guard who pierces his lung with an arrow.
  • Dzeja attempts to escape the Shackles of Silence but fails.
  • Taysok attempts to escape the Shackles of Silence but fails.
  • Remmar wildshapes into swindlespitter and attempts to escape the cage and succeeds.
  • A gnome guard casts Magic Missile at Remmar.
  • Nal’vyr and a gnome guard try to cast spells at each other, but fail.
  • A gnome guard casts a spell at Nal’vyr, burning him.
  • A gnome guard casts a bright colorful spell at Remmar. It does nothing.
  • Udomorn casts Magic Missile, improving each shot’s damage, killing a gnome guard and injuring another.
  • Taysok is successful in breaking out of the Dimensional Anchor on his foot.
  • Remmar spits poison at a gnome guard, blinding him for four minutes.
  • Nal’vyr attempts to blind a gnome guard, but fails.
  • A gnome guard attempts to shoot Udomorn with an arrow but fumbles and shoots himself in the foot. He takes another shot and succeeds in hitting him.
  • Udomorn removes the arrow from his chest to use as a weapon. He blinks toward a gnome guard.
  • Taysok teleports toward a gnome guard.
  • Remmar Wildshapes into a brown bear.
  • Nal’vyr casts Spectral Hand.
  • Udomorn stabs a gnome guard with the arrow and kills it.
  • The last remaining gnome guard shoots an arrow and misses hitting Nal’vyr.
  • Udomorn searches the gnome guard for a key. He finds a key and other items. He hands the key to Taysok.
  • Taysok charges the remaining guard and bites and claws it, killing it.
  • Taysok releases Nal’vyr. Nal’vyr heals himself.
  • Taysok releases Dzeja and Rek’Drik.
  • Nal’vyr keeps 3 Shackles of Silence and 1 Dimensional Anchor. He makes a sack out of the clothes of one of the gnome guards.
  • They find out they were supposed to be traded for each other.
  • Dzeja knows that the city used to be a trade hub for merchants during the Purge War for the citizens of the Underdark. It is abandoned now, taken over by the Svirfneblin.
  • Remmar wildshapes into a darkstalker.
  • The party agrees to work together to escape the city.
  • The party goes outside the prison room. The hallways are illuminated by large luminescent mushrooms. The rest of the halls are pitch black.
  • The gnomes are waiting for the party to come out.
  • Taysok peers into the hallway and is shot in the face with arrows.
  • Dzeja begins to Inspire Courage and casts Shield on herself.
  • Rek’Drik flies out of the door and uses Knowledge Devotion. He attempts to bite a guard, but misses and flies back into the room.
  • Udomorn shoots the small bow at a guard and hits him.
  • Rek’Drik flies out of the room again, tries to bite a guard, but misses again. He flies back into the room.
  • Dzeja heals Taysok for 10 damage.
  • Nal’vyr summons 4 undead human warrior skeletons.
  • Nal’vyr’s skeletons are hit by a few guard arrows, one of them disintegrated. They swing at the guards, but miss.
  • Nal’vyr casts Kelgore Grave Mist, fatiguing and causing the guards within the area to shiver with cold.
  • Remmar steps out of the room and avoids arrows.
  • Taysok steps out the door and attempts to bite a guard, he misses.
  • Udomorn casts Greater Invisibility and blinks to a rooftop.
  • Rek’Drik flies out of the door, bites and paralyzes a guard.
  • Taysok steps out of the door and is hit by a guard.
  • Dzeja attempts to demoralize a guard with Doomspeak, she fails.
  • Nal’vyr’s skeleton coup de gras a guard, killing it. Another skeleton hits a guard.
  • Taysok hits a guard with his tail and claws it, killing it.
  • Udomorn attempts to shoot a rooftop guard, he misses.
  • Rek’Drik flies out of the door, tries to attack a guard, but misses.
  • A guard hits Taysok with a Ray of Exhaustion.
  • A guard hits Remmar in the leg with a pick.
  • Dzeja hastens herself, Taysok, Remmar, Nal’vyr, Rek’Drik and two of Nal’vyr’s skeletons.
  • Nal’vyr’s skeleton hits a guard.
  • Remmar wildshapes into a Deinonychus and attempts to hit a guard, but he misses.
  • Taysok attempts to bite and claw a guard, but misses. He hits one with a claw. He critically wounds the same guard.
  • Rek’Drik flies out the door and tumbles out of the way of two guards. He attempts to hit a guard, but misses.
  • A guard shoots a fireball at the majority of the party. All save but take half damage.
  • Dzeja attempts to blind three guards with Glitterdust, but failed.
  • Nal’vyr’s skeletons critically injure a guard, making him slow and impaired.
  • Remmar charges a guard, injuring it.
  • Rek’Drik flies out the door and attacks a guard, killing it.
  • A guard comes out of Invisibility and casts Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on Remmar.
  • A guard critically hits Remmar.
  • A guard attempts to hit Remmar with a spell, but fails.
  • A guard attacks one of Nal’vyr’s skeletons and destroys it.
  • Dzeja blinds two guards with Glitterdust.
  • Taysok throws spines from his tail and hits several guards.
  • Udomorn hits four guards with Fountainhead arrows.
  • Rek’Drik bites a guard and injures it.
  • A guard kills a skeleton.
  • A guard casts a Web, all make save to still be able to move.
  • Rek’Drik becomes panicked, frees himself from the entanglement.
  • Dzeja blinds a guard with Glitterdust.
  • Nal’vyr’s skeleton attacks the blinded guard.
  • Nal’vyr attacks the blinded guard.
  • Taysok Dimension Doors onto the roof above the prison room.
  • Udomorn attacks a guard and kills it.
  • Rek’Drik in a panicked state Dimension Doors to the roof above the prison room.
  • A guard casts Scorching Ray at Rek’Drik. It hits and critically injures him.
  • Dzeja casts Dark Way to make a bridge to the roof of the prison room to join Taysok and Rek’Drik.
  • Nal’vyr blinds the guard that cast the Scorched Ray spell.
  • Taysok shoots spines at a guard and kills it. He shoots at another and injures it.
  • Rek’Drik Dimension Doored himself and Dzeja into the prison room.
  • Nal’vyr’s Kelgore’s Grave Mist dissipates.
  • Remmar jumps onto an adjacent roof. He attacks a guard.
  • Taysok critically hits a guard and injures him.
  • Two guards shoot arrows at Taysok. They injure him.
  • A guard shoots a Magic Missile at Udomorn. He is injured.
  • Dzeja continues to heal herself and Rek’Drik.
  • Rek’Drik Dimension Doors out of the prison room, kills a guard, and flies behind a mushroom.
  • Taysok hits and kills one guard and hits and injures another.
  • Rek’Drik remembers that the Svirfneblin are not known for slavery and have been working with the Drow.
  • The party manages to kill the remaining Svirfneblin and recovers the Kobolds that have been taken captive and safely return them to King Maekrix.
  • The Captain of the Guards recognize the captives they traded.
  • Maekrix is overjoyed and offers the party retrieval of their items and a hefty reward.

Player Votes Results:
Josh: 3 (3 RP)
Ben: 2 (2 Combat)
Whitney: 2 (2 Combat)
Joe: 2 (2 RP)
Tom: 1 (1 Combat)

Non-Treasure Player Rewards:
- Each player receives 2 Reward Points from the DM in addition to their votes.


Oh. My. Goodness. This is incredible. High five Whitney. Points, points, points for you!

Scribe's Log 051714

Fuck yes this is awesome.

Scribe's Log 051714

I might not do such a detailed battle account next time and only focus on when someone does something really cool/interesting/clever, etc. I also would like to get some of the Wiki pages up so we can link to certain things (like Irthos, Maekrix, the city, etc). I think that would be nice. Then we can reference this for next time. I have such a terrible memory, stuff like this will help me immensely so I’m not breaking character to ask questions too frequently. Glad you guys like it! :D

Scribe's Log 051714

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