The Elixir of Life

Scribe's Log 061414

In Which the Party Destroys Dumb Dagrons

Session Date: 06/14/14
Location: The Mysterium
Players Attended (4):
- Nal’vyr : Ben
- Rek’Drik : Josh
- Dzeja : Whitney
- Remmar : Andy (DMPC)

In Absentia (2);
- Udomorn : Tom
- Taysok : Joe

Combat Encounters: 2
Non-Player Races Encountered:
- Kobold

Non-Player Characters Encountered:
-King Maekrix

Places Encountered:
- Iejirokarthel
- Iejirokarthel Mines
- Dzeja’s Mansion

OOC New Facts/History
-Nal’vyr convinced the group that Lahsguul, the King of the Dwarves, is planning on attacking the Kobolds while they’re weak.
-The kobolds and the dwarves have a tenuous truce after many years of conflict. This opened the gates for trade, but there is still much racism between the two.
-The dwarves are very technologically advanced and use constructs and golems.
-The Kingdom of Dwarves only has one entrance that is very well guarded and entrance is only allowed with proper documentation. Even then, many are still denied access.

A Long Story Short (TL;DR)
Nal’vyr and Remmar approach Dzeja and Rek’Drik about joining them in their cause. Nal’vyr successfully convinces them that they need to get access to the dwarven kingdom that has been in conflict with the kobolds in order to overthrow King Lahsguul to benefit King Maekrix. They also approach King Maekrix to try and gain favor with him in order to gain access to the mines in Iejirokarthel. King Maekrix reveals there is a strange metal that has been troubling the miners. King Maekrix sends them to speak with Master Engineer Levethix. Udomorn and Taysok attend to other business while Nal’vyr, Remmar, Rek’Drik, and Dzeja meet with Levethix. Levethix reveals he has been experimenting with creating new dragons to be subservient to kobolds, but his attempts to keep them contained have failed and two Ibrandlin have escaped into the mines. Rek’Drik has an altercation with Levethix who is being especially vague about the creatures he has created. The party then descends into the mines and defeats the two Ibrandlin. The party returns to King Maekrix having defeated the Ibrandlin and retrieving a piece of the strange red metal. King Maekrix rewards the party with a hefty purse.


  • The party can explore the city.
  • Dzeja is performing at the town square.
  • Rek’Drik is hiding to protect Dzeja.
  • Dzeja’s performance goes very well.
  • Remmar, Taysok, and Udomorn are out exploring the city.
  • Nal’vyr goes to the town square to see Dzeja’s performance.
  • Nal’vyr watches and waits for the performance to end.
  • The performance ends and Nal’vyr follows to find Dzeja.
  • He is stopped by a kobold guard and states he knows Dzeja.
  • The kobold believes him and goes to get Dzeja.
  • Dzeja and Nal’vyr followed by Rek’Drik to an inn.
  • Remmar joins them.
  • Nal’vyr suggests that Dzeja and Rek’Drik seek out a better fortune.
  • Dzeja knows that Lahsguul (Dwarven King) and Maekrix have called a truce.
  • Nal’vyr says Lahsguul has already decided to strike when the kobolds are weak. (Bluff)
  • Rek’Drik and Dzeja believe him.
  • Nal’vyr says Maekrix can’t know about taking down Lahsguul.
  • Rek’Drik and Dzeja are hesitant to quickly agree to join their cause.
  • Rek’Drik asks for a sign of good faith.
  • Remmar signs “I hope you know what you’re doing.” to Nal’vyr.
  • Rek’Drik sees this.
  • Nal’vyr bluffs that Remmar doesn’t like to speak.
  • Nal’vyr takes out the Dagger of Denial.
  • The Dagger of Denial does not like being revealed (intelligent item).
  • The Dagger of Denial is a relic of Vecna. Nal’vyr broke it’s ego a long time ago.
  • Dzeja concentrates on the dagger and it is revealed that the Dagger is meant for clerics of Vecna.
  • Nal’vyr claims that the organization gave them the power to bend items like that at will.
  • Remmar claims that this is something that Lahsguul seeks crush.
  • Rek’Drik and Dzeja believe him.
  • Dzeja tentatively agrees to join with them and they agree to meet at her residence to talk further.
  • Rek’Drik and Dzeja poof out.
  • Remmar and Nal’vyr stay and discuss that Dzeja and Rek’Drik don’t need to know about the finer details of the plans.
  • Nal’vyr says they need to enter the mines and now that they have favor with Maekrix that they would have an easier time getting access to the mines.
  • Remmar and Nal’vyr go to speak to King Maekrix.
  • Maekrix greets them and Nal’vyr offers that they have information that would be of interest for him.
  • Nal’vyr says they are aware of certain mining operations. Maekrix clears the court.
  • He says they have found a vein of some kind of metal.
  • Nal’vyr offers to plug this stream of information.
  • Maekrix says that they are not necessarily trying to keep it a secret, though they don’t have much information on the metal.
  • Nal’vyr offers to take Udomorn to inspect the metal.
  • Maekrix says he would allow Udomorn to inspect the metal but he can’t advise anyone to enter the mines at this time. He says the head engineer would be better to tell why.
  • He agrees to give them access to the mines, but they need to speak to the head engineer, Levethix first.
  • Nal’vyr thanks Maekrix and he and Remmar leaves.
  • Nal’vyr and Remmar sign to each other that they have two days to enter the mines.
  • Dzeja knows the mining operation has recovered some strange metal that has halted mining production.
  • Nal’vyr and Remmar go to see Dzeja and Rek’Drik. Taysok is with Irthos and they plan on resetting the traps. Udomorn is still doing something.
  • Nal’vyr and Remmar enter Dzeja’s house.
  • There is a loud booming sound in the city. No one knows what the sound is.
  • Remmar goes to see if he can see what is going on. He can’t tell.
  • Nal’vyr asks if Dzeja knows anything about the surrounding Dwarven kingdom.
  • Dzeja knows that the Dwarven Kingdom is very hard to get in. One way in, one way out with proper documentation. The dwarves have better technology than the kobolds.
  • Nal’vyr says Maekrix cannot know our true intentions so as not to incriminate himself.
  • Remmar and Nal’vyr communicate with signs. Rek’Drik questions it, but Nal’vyr convinces him that Remmar suggested that they investigate the sound.
  • Nal’vyr suggest we go to the mines in the morning.
  • Dzeja and Remmar go to rest. Rek’Drik and Nal’vyr who do not need to sleep go into the City to gather more information.
  • Nal’vyr finds out that kobolds are very racist toward the dwarves. There are rumors that they have 10 headed dogs patrolling their walls. They have metal men as tall as mountains. They are very well guarded and people have been turned away even with proper documentation. They are very strict and very lawful. The dwarves do use magic, but it not known exactly what kind. They were not able to discover what made the noise or why. There are rumors that it is big and that it is something within the mines.
  • Taysok and Udamorn go to assist Irthos in the dungeon.
  • There is another loud boom. They discern it was not coming from the mines.
  • Rek’Drik, Remmar, Nal’vyr, and Dzeja go to find Levethix.
  • Rek’Drik asks Nal’vyr came to be as he is. Rek’Drik says that he will not eat Nal’vyr.
  • They meet Levethix. He is aware of why they’re here and offers to give them more information regarding the mine and the strange substance.
  • He takes them through steel doors that lead them into a giant cavern with huge cages with circles of runes in the cages.
  • Dzeja and Rek’Drik recognize the circles as aiding in imprisonment where prisoners cannot escape. The cages have giant claw marks through the circles and the huge thick bars are bent.
  • Levethix reveals that he was experimenting making draconic servants so they can be dominant species.
  • The are two of them and one has made its way into the mines.
  • Rek’Drik gets upset and threatens Levethix.
  • Levethix reveals the experiments were made of dragon blood, but are not true dragons.
  • Rek’Drik tries to draw more information out of him by threatening him. Levethix says they can’t fly. Levethix gets upset and leaves, leaving the party in the cavern.
  • Remmar shifts into a Dire Eagle and carries the party to the entrance to the mines. He then shifts into a Cave Triceratops.
  • They sneak through the cave entrance and come upon a large, open cavern.
  • The group proceeds, but something lands on top of Remmar and Rek’Drik.
  • Battle ensues.
  • Nal’vyr discerns the thing that pinned them is an Ibrandlin. It’s unintelligent and breathes fire. It likes to pin its victims and is created.
  • After weakening it, Remmar shifts into a Elephant and smashed the Ibrandlin, killing it.
  • Rek’Drik feasts upon the corpse.
  • Nal’vyr animates the skeleton of the Ibrandlin and brings it along.
  • The party encounters the other Ibrandlin in a tunnel.
  • Battle ensues
  • Dzeja notices a strange red metal sticking out of the ground. It is obscenely heavy. She puts a piece in her Bag of Holding.
  • Rek’Drik does massive damage. Nal’vyr’s skeleton attacks the Ibrandlin and kills it.
  • The party tries to examine the strange metal. They discover that it is very strong and very heavy. None of them have seen red metal before.
  • The party returns to King Maekrix.
  • Levethix and Maekrix pay the party for their trouble.

Player Rewards
400 exp for party present and 750g
Exp for absent members TBD

Player Vote Reward Points
Josh – 3 (2 RP/1 Combat)
Ben – 3 (1 RP/2 Combat)
Whit – 2 (1 RP/1 Combat)


Still so awesome. I love it.

Scribe's Log 061414

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