The Elixir of Life

So Far

1. Meet individually with Kord messenger, Jarek, who has snuck past Troxiny soldiers that guard his ports. Asks each mercenary to join party. Must be discreet.
2. Party meets in tavern (those who do not wish to join first time are there drinking, may choose to join second time). Discusses mission. Says to meet at docks tomorrow morning.
3. Board ship. Captain wants to talk to whoever is in charge. Reveals that he is secretly under the employ of Kalernane, working with Kord allies, and that his ship is full of soldiers, though disguised as a merchant vessel. He was the one who brought Jarek here. Party may take this anyway they choose. Party positions themselves among ship.
4. Encounter with pirates.
5. Arrive in cove around the corner of town. Meet with Jarek. Explains situation with blockade and soldiers outside city. Cast Alter Self to look like guards.
6. Make way up to castle.
7. Jarek and Jack encounter guard outside the walls. Jarek kills him and he and Jack dispose of the body.
8. Jack transports invisible party into the city. They are spotted by guards armed with magic spyglasses and alarm is sounded.
9. The party meets with the king and Bathal, a rogue under the king’s employ. Party exits town and encounters guards in the town square. Jack runs off to speak with the king and saves him from guards.
10. Jack runs to the library and grabs a strange glowing book. Another encounter with guards.
11. Jack hangs out in the town before returning to the cove. Starts a fire and kills 37 people.
12. Jack and Angiers (Sean) separate from party and encounter Griffin Troops. Sail ships out of harbor. Griffin Troops retreated and waiting capture upon return.
13. Jarek, Bellum, and Rurik encounter enemies on way to Yjals River. Meet with Jack and Angiers.
14. Party “encounters” Astral Stalkers under employ of Mephistopheles.
16. Astral Stalkers ambush party. One is killed, but the others manage to successful kidnap Angiers.
17. Angiers is not reunited with the party. Party meets Roy upon the ship. He leads them to his village.
18. The party meets Jarek in a grove with Orion’s familiars. Jarek explains that the prince was his son, not the kings. Jack insults Jarek and they battle. Orion intervenes.
19. Orion explains that they hold book of Infinite Spells, and that Mephistopheles is after it. He offers his access to his father’s hoard if they comply with him and be bait for Mephistopheles.
20. Encounter with Ogre Mages. Discover mouth of cave.
21. Bathal appears before the mouth of the cave and offers the party Rings of Protection +4, which are cursed. (-2 AC and Slow).
22. Party enters cave. They see a waterfall enhanced by Mee’Al and cannot discover the source of its magic. They discover that the waterfall separates them.
23. Rurik and Bellum encounter individual scouting parties. Rurik is downed and is looted, but is saved by Jack.
24. Concerted party effort to try and communicate through the waterfall. Successful, but encounter Skullcrusher Ogre guards.
25. Party reconvenes outside mouth and Bathal returns. Jack asks Bathal to leave because he does not trust him. Takes his dagger. Lets party know how he feels, then leaves to apologize to Jarek
26. Bellum, Roy, and Rurik return to town and sell their loot. They “celebrate.”
27. Return to boat and sail it to the mouth of the cave.
29. Jack flies to Jarek. Encounters Roc hunting party.
30. Rocs capture Jack and move him to nest on Strand Ellis.
31. Jack escapes. Meets Dris.
32. Jack spends time chumming up town. Goes to Jor’s bazaar to sell items, which doesn’t work because of uptightness of Jor, plus Jor freaks out when Jack reveals Troxiny spyglasses.
33. Jack becomes disturbed by Warforged slaves. He sets up scheme to free one. Frees Farrok. Farrok joins party.
34. Rurik, Bellum, and Roy travel around and find treasure and speak with mermaid – Jar’Deen. They hear suspicious things about Bathal.
35. Jack gets a boat to islands. Takes a few days. Meets with party.
36. Encounters ogre guards again. Battle and captured a guard. Ogre guard reveals more information about Bathal. Party killed ogre captive. Creates tension in party.
37. Party attempts to enter waterfall without Roy. Fails
38. Party asks Farrok how to enter waterfall. He explains that he’s seen this magic employed during the Dragon Wars. Bellum finds sail to cover party and they enter the waterfall together.
39. Encounter Skullcrusher Ogres and Ogre Mages. Party defeats them and moves into next room.
40. Party encounters Spellwarped Boneclaws and Clerics. Bellum is killed and party exits.
41. Party meets Jarek outside the caves entrance. He gives them a small dose of the Elixir of Life and teleports away. Jack is surprised.
42. Party hears the assassination of the assassination attempt on the party. They witness the dead Ogres in the morning upon entering the cave again.
43. The party awakens animated statues. They fight. The statues now litter the entrance of the cave fortress.
44. Spellwarped Bulette appears and attacks Jack. The party defeats it, but not after a severely beaten Roy swears a lot in Elvish from the attack. Angers Jack and brawl ensues.
45. While party fights among itself, Kresh sends Luminous Assassin in for Jack. Jack is stabbed and Roy follows bleeding trail. Shoots Jack and kills him.
46. Kresh sends in Bathal. He activates rings. Party about to battle when Orion, who has been watching Jack via Discern Location, realizes he’s dead and steps in to intervene.
47. Orion kills Bathal and beckons party to follow. Jack does not and kills Roy
48. Kresh appears and attempts to stop Jack. Jack escapes, but Roy and Brerk are captured.
49. Orion kills astral stalker assassins as they attempt to kill party upon exit. The remaining party teleports to the floating island Helethrane, the headquarters of the Mages guild and location of the Mages Council.
50. Orion is placed under house arrest by council member Erit des Porif. Party is likewise jailed.
51. Greaves, captain of the guard asks Orion’s permission to have party join his in rescuing Roy. Orion agrees.
52. Party returns to cave to see that it is abandoned. Devils begin to appear and they eventually find Roy before coming face to face with Mephistopheles. Orion and the council seal the area and Mephistopheles is trapped for 5 years.
53. Roy and Jack play chess and discuss what transpired. They reach an agreement.
54. Jack has his trial, and shocks the court with his disregard for the decorum of the court. He is still found not guilty.


ACTUALLY actually the boat belongs to Phineas Fartknocker, the guy who recently purchased it from Farrok and Company. The question of who the true owner was prior to that was never resolved, with no one in the group truly having claim to it, since it was stolen from goddamn pirates. Jack’s perceived ownership of the boat is related only Helethrane officials, and they are not the only arbiters of maritime law. So the TRUE owner is/was whoever purchased it prior to the pirates stealing it. Unless the pirates purchased it themselves, in which case they were even shittier pirates than previously thought.

So Far

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