The Elixir of Life

So Far pt. 2

55. Unbeknownst to the party, Roy never made it out of Kresh’s lair. When confronted by Mephistopheles, he was tortured and killed, converted instead into the ranks of his minions. The “Roy” that travels with the party now is secretly an aspect of Mephistopheles.
57. Party attempts to make contact with officials in Helethrane. Their attempts are fruitless. They end up convincing the head of impound to relinquish their boat in exchange for some gold (50,000?). He gives them two tokens – one of Massive Sphere of Invisibility and one Massive Feather Fall.
58. The ship makes its way from Helethrane and encounters Lantern Archons. Roy kills one, but the party stops him from killing more and they follow them to an island.
59. While party rests, Roy searches the area. Mephistopheles tells him to bring the others to the temple he found in order to discover its contents. He assumes there might be a clue as to the locations of more of the artifacts he seeks. He is right.
60. Party makes their way through the dungeon of good creatures. At the end, Barachiel the Messenger explains to the party that Mephistopheles is collecting artifacts of great power, and that an item they believe he might need, along with the information they seek about him, is located in the Dragon Capital of the Dragon Realms. He warns them of its danger and tells them to rendezvous with Georg Brenstiene for assistance.
61. Party leaves but decides to instead head to Strand Ellis to recruit the Warforged. Roy becomes bitter and angry about the delay, but stifles his contempt to keep up his guise.
62. The party leaves the island and find themselves within sight of shore. They come across the mouth of a river and make their way up it to the town of Helientas.
63. Party encounters law officials who confiscate Farrok. They run some test and place some divinations on him. Rurik dispels them when Farrok is returned.
64. Party sells their loot. Brerk has been confiscated to an unknown area. Bellum wanders off repeatedly to find him.
65. Farrok acquires a Hat of Disguise. Roy meets up with him while selling his goods and recognizes him despite the disguise. A thug and his cronies attempt to mug the two down a seedy street, but are easily overcome. Farrok notices Roy get scratched by the thug’s dagger, but emits a faint yellow line and disappears instantly.
66. Party attempts to locate a captain for their new vessel. They hear of a former naval captain of great renown somewhere within the city.
67. The party gathers enough information to discern his home within the city. While waiting for him to “return home,” the thugs reappear. Again, they are beaten easily, but a mysterious figure has been observing them and beckons them into his home.
68. After a month, The party commissions the construction of a new, larger boat, and finally recruits the mysterious figure, Rashad Nabil, a former naval officer for the Hilmartian Navy.
69. The party heads south to free the warforged, but is attacked by a sea drake that recognizes Rashad from his pre-naval days. The ship is badly damaged and must land on the coast.
70. On the coast, dinosaurs and yuan-ti attack the ship. The party retreats from shore back to the ship.
71. Through clever manipulation, Farrok unveils Roy as a devil, and the party battles and defeats him, but not before he kills Farrok.
72. Farrok, now dead, sees the near past and future, but with no way to help his friends, he leaves the Material Plane to the Outer Planes.
73. The party heads north with a fixed ship.



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