The Elixir of Life

So Far pt. 3

74. Upon their return, the party is attack by pirates, but the pirates causing the most damage are mysteriously defeated. The party pulls next to the floating craft to see that Jack there, accompanied by a Shield Golem.
77. The party discovers the robbed store and follows a wild goose chase. Finding nothing and becoming extremely frustrated, the party leaves a swath of destruction as they head back to the boat and North to the Dragon Realms.

Meanwhile -———————————————————————

82. In Strand Ellis, a new party has formed. There is word of an army moving in on the city, so each member prepares separately.
83. Farrok arrives at Elysium, and makes his way across its seas. He’s encountered by guardianls, who argue amongst themselves, then politely usher Farrok into Purgatory. When asked why, they reply, “On Pelor’s orders.”
84. In Purgatory, Mephistopheles approaches Farrok. He beckons Farrok to protect a tower where he claims Pelor has wrongly imprisoned someone. He shows an army advancing on one side, protected by another on the other side. Farrok refuses, and Mephistopheles leaves.
85. Farrok is pushed/forced/beckoned by an unknown entity to go to the rescue. He goes.
86. Upon arriving at the tower, Farrok is halted by Pelor.
87. Pelor attempts to banish Farrok. It fails.
88. Farrok looks within the tower, sees a lager, golden version of himself. With a smile, the doppelganger says, “As it should be.”
89. Farrok awakens on the beach where he was killed, surrounded by his comrades.
90. Party heads north into the Dragon Realms. Encounters guards.
91. Guards attempt to bring intruders to Oolaatiskith, as per her orders.
92. Party converses with Oolaatiskith. She threatens their death. Georg arrives, asking for explanation. She explains the disappearances of dragons throughout the realm, and her murdered husband and hatchlings. She says they were killed by “humanoid weapons,” though she’s unsure of what such mark a weapon would leave. Demands that Georg confirms it.
93. Oolaatiskith sends Kurnoc out ahead to, “Bring me a witness. I want another dragon to see this declaration of war.” He goes to warn the drow and set an ambush.
94. Party makes way to lair.
95. Oolaatiskith asks party to look at the bodies and that evil statue, and tell her those are not the doings of humans. The statue has a Ghoul Glyph on it, and is an idol to Mephistopheles for the Desecrate spell. Attacked by drow and zombie green dragons while Oolaatiskith and Kurnoc escape to the Dragon Capital.
96. Party defeats drow and zombies and interrogates remaining drow. He gives them information about the attack and the party heads north.

Meanwhile -———————————————————————

98. The Southern Army has landed on the southern shore of Breze Island. Forces coalesce in isolated camps. A new party is formed.
99. Captain Lochther, their superior and head of the group’s unit, informs party of their mission.
100. Party flanks opposing troops upon city ramparts. Make their way towards their first target: the gate.
101. Party encounters Rilin and Arden upon the gate. Rilin, Arden, and Rilin’s troops attempt to defend city gate, but retreat after heavy losses.
102. Captain Lochther and Taysok have confrontation. Taysok finishes off a badly injured Captain Lochther.
103. Party makes their way towards inner city.
104. Party encounters troops defending the walls of the inner city. After the troops are defeated, wizards confront the party.
105. The party flees. Soon after, there is a strange explosion from the inner city.
106. The party is separated. They survive, and make their way through the rubble. Nal’vyr returns to the inner city, where he discovers an enormous crater centered with a strange, dilapidated, alien-like facility. Nal’vyr collects a piece from the wreckage.
107. Nal’vyr reunites with Udamorn and they make their way back to camp.
108. The two meet with an old friend of Udamorn’s: Yonda Graythorne. She explains her mission and the two assist her. She rewards them with a strange pearl she found in the inner city.
109. The pearl reveals several different groups of people, each apparently looking into the pearl saying “Shen?”
110. Party reunites on the way to camp. Army officials separate the party and check for magical hazards from the explosion.
111. Clerics detect a strong magical aura on Nal’vyr and he is questioned about it. He abandons pearl in field near medical tent.
112. Nal’vyr discreetly recovers pearl, unaware that he is being observed by Kane.
113. Party goes about usual operations until Garin, chief strategist of the Southern Army, and Kane, High General of the Southern Army, personally recruits them.
114. The Pearl is confiscated. Kane sends party on a “special mission” to bring blinded and deafened prisoners infected with the Bristle Plague to the northern shore of Breze Island to be rescued by scouts from Cageathan. They are accompanied by 4 other individuals hand-selected by Garin, Kane, and Dremock Truefang, chief of the wild tribes of Breze Island. Once the party reaches the shore, they are to remove their prisoner’s afflictions and leave without being detected.
115. The new party makes their way through the wilderness, reaching the north shore.
116. When the antidote to remove the blindness and deafness is applied to the prisoners, the individuals selected by their superiors attack the party.
117. Party defeats “traitors” and questions Aaron, the only survivor. He explains it was a test.
118. Party returns to camp. They are informed that an individual named Shen caused the explosion, and that he is attempting to mobilize the world against Mephistopheles’ oncoming forces. The party has been tasked as a counter-effort to this cause.
119. The party is presented with their first mission: A group has been located and identified in the Dwarven Kingdom in the Tyrkrag Mountains. They have the backing of Lahsguul, as well as the capital city of Belegost. The group is ordered to eliminate the group, while framing the nearby kingdom of The Mines of Kiirazeerne, a kobold nation in the southwestern chain of the mountain range.
120. The party is outfitted, and travels north between Hilmartian and Vaton territories.



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