The Elixir of Life

So Far pt. 4

121. The group encounters a nest of spider in the woods south of Tyrkrag Falls. There they find a note containing information that a group of soldiers is stationed outside the falls. They wait until dawn, hoping to confront these soldiers with renewed vigor.
124. Remmar is sent out to investigate the site, and a plan is made to round up the Vaton outpost to the west, and send them in against the Hilmartian squad located at the falls.
125. A mutiny has recently broken out at the Vaton outpost. The outposts’ captain has seized control along with a band of defectors. The commander and his loyalists have been jailed in the outposts’ dungeon.
126. The group defeats the mutineers and attempts to recruit Commander Munger to their cause. He refuses, claiming dwindling numbers have weakened the outpost. The group kills him discreetly, and Remmar takes his place, leading the outpost to attack the Hilmartian camp.
127. The group attacks the camp, and Nal’vyr slays the cleric. Devils emerge from her incinerated corpse, and destroy the camp.
128. The group enters the cave behind the waterfall, and heads toward the Kobold city.
129. Clerics of Mephistopheles have seen the party interact with Nal’vyr’s dagger, the Dagger of Denial. They attempt to contact the party to inform them of the weapon and of others like it, and their role in accomplishing Mephistopheles’ goals.
130. The party makes its way through the caves, getting ambushed by a beholder’s slaver party, but overcomes them and exits.
131. A group of patrolling Ibixians comes across the party, and invites them into their village.
132. The party sells their wears, acquires new provisions and attempts to wait out the incoming storm.
134. The party sets out the next day towards Iejirokarthel.
135. After narrowly escaping the dungeon entrance to the city, the party is captured by kobold guards. Taysok is personally captured by Irthos when she comes to check on the cadaver collector and finds him in a pit trap.



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