Bellum Cacoethes

Young barbarian rube. Charming and likable, despite incredible naivete.


Bellum Cacoethes, Male, Age 16
Half-Ogre Barbarian 2/Fighter 4/War Hulk 5
Neutral Good
8’11’’, 550 lbs.

STR: 48 (19)
DEX: 18 (
CON: 29 (9)
INT: 12 (
WIS: 13 (1)
CHA: 12 (

BAB: 6/1
HP: 177 (+20 Raging)
Speed: 40 ft.
Initiave: +8
Grapple: 28
AC: 29 = 10 + 6 Armor + 4 Dex + 1 Deflection + 9 Natural – 1 Size
Touch AC: 15 Flat-footed AC: 29(Uncanny Dodge)

Fort: 25 = 11 Base + 9/3 Ability + 5 Magic -3 Flaw (2 Raging)
Ref: 14 = 2 Base + 4/3 Ability + 5 Magic
Will: 11 = 2 Base + 1/3 Ability + 5 Magic (
2 Raging)

Two-handed with Large 1 Impact Minotaur Greathammer +21/16 3d6+28 Crit: 17-20 x4
Raging with Two-handed with Large 1 Impact Minotaur Greathammer +23/18 3d6+31 Crit 17-20 x4
Huge with Two-handed with Large 1 Impact Minotaur Greathammer +21/16 4d6+29 Crit 17-20 x4
Huge and Ragin with Two-handed with Large 1 Impact Minotaur Greathammer +22/17 4d6+32 Crit 17-20 x4

Racial Traits/Class Features
Half-Ogre: Darkvision 60 ft., Natural Armor +4
Lesser Monster of Legend: Natural Armor Improvement of +5, +3 bonus on all saving throws, Casts spells as a 5th level Cleric with Protection, Strength, & War Domain spells on its list, Fast Healing 5, Immunity to Mind-Affecting Effects, Immunity to Acid, Improved Initiative, Multiattack
Barbarian: Fast Movement, Rage 1/day, Uncanny Dodge
Fighter: Power Attack(Bonus), Cleave(Bonus), Great Cleave(Bonus)
War Hulk: No Time To Think, Mighty Swing, Awesome Blow

Combat Reflexes(phb)
Lucky Start(Comp. Scoundrel)
Unbelievable Luck(Comp. Scoundrel)
Better Lucky Than Good(Comp. Scoundrel)
Brutal Throw(Comp. Adventurer)
Large and In Charge(Draconomicon)

Skill Tricks:
Twisted Charge

Meager Fortitude(UA)



Belt of Giant Strength +4(Worn)
+1 Impact Minotaur Greathammer(Wielded)
Adventure Pack(Worn)
Ring of Protection +1(Worn)
Crystal of Return, Least(In Hammer)
+1 Mithral Armor of Great Blur(Worn)
Gloves of Dexterity(Word)
Vest of Resistance +5(Worn)
Amulet of Health +4(Worn)

3,704 gp


Born into the life of an ordinary farmer, Bellum always felt out of place. As a half-ogre child raised by human parents, he out-paced everyone in size and strength, and was constantly being chided for running off into the woods, or getting into fights with the other children.

As he aged, Bellum began spending more and more time alone in the wilderness, foraging for himself and fending off the occasional unfriendly animal. He would only reluctantly return to help his parents with the harvest, the livestock, or on a periodic trip into town to sell their goods. It was a simple existence that he felt he had mastered all too easily. He longed for adventure, like the kind he had heard of in stories around the fire, or in the rare trip to the town tavern. He had begun to resign himself to his fate— depressed that he would never be part of the stories that he loved so much.

One fateful night, however, a stranger knocked on Bellum’s door. Through cryptic, and perhaps unnecessarily abstruse language, the stranger conveyed a need of Bellum’s services. Confused as to why mysterious and impenetrably vague strangers wanted a simple farmer’s help, he asked his parents the next day. They revealed that, as an infant, Bellum had been abandoned on their door step. As they explained, they led him to a massive oaken chest, stashed in the cellar. They told him that it was also left there that night, along with a barely legible note indicating that what was inside would be important to him some day. Bellum opened the chest, and inside found an incredibly well-made suit of armor, and an equally well-crafted great-hammer. He picked it up and marveled at the sight. It was finally happening. He would have his adventure.

En route to the city of Kord, Bellum and his new companions were waylaid by a band of gobin pirates. Amidst the chaos of battle, Bellum seemed to will himself incredibly large— even more than usual, as though by some divine favor. Rurik, a cleric of Pelor, recognized this instantly— Bellum had inadvertently cast a divine spell. Bellum had never before summoned such powers, and seemed confused as to how he did so. He didn’t dwell on it long, however, and was simply pleased that he had discovered an inborn ability to enhance his already intimidating strength. After some weeks of travel, practicing his powers and studying with Rurik, Bellum refined his new abilities, and found that while he wasn’t as magically talented as Rurik, he still had some grasp of the divine, though he still did not know who had granted him these powers.

Rurik: Bellum and Rurik get along fairly well when Bellum doesn’t pester the human too much. They get along best when sharing a flagon of mead or nineteen. Since nearing, and later succumbing to death, Bellum has become more curious as to the cleric’s knowledge of the afterlife— though he rarely has the opportunity or inclination to voice these queries. Rurik has mentioned some similarities between Bellum and the god Kord, including their disposition and incredible physical prowess.

Jack: Considering their wildly differing worldviews, habits, backgrounds, methods, and goals Jack and Bellum get along famously. Bellum’s unwavering density to Jack‘s initial harshness endeared Bellum to the normally sour wizard, and Jack’s mastery of the incredibly alien arcane arts and perceived warmness to Bellum solidified their friendship relatively early. Occasionally Jack‘s plans or actions disturb Bellum greatly, becoming painful lessons that show life out in the world is much different than life on the farm. Despite this, they can be quite protective of each other— Jack taking on a mentor-like role, and Bellum oddly assuming the role of devil’s advocate when in agreement with Jack.

Roy: Bellum greatly enjoys Roy‘s company— largely because Roy’s company always includes his griffon companion Brerk, or as Bellum refers to him, “Mr. Bawkbagawk,” or simply “Mr. B.” Bellum warmed to Mr. B instantly, and vice-versa. Within a few short hours of knowing each other, Mr. B and Bellum had already shared food, stories, and had jointly performed a feat of incredible flying/riding prowess. As for Roy, Bellum appreciates having someone else around who likes the thrill of adventure. Often shoulder-to-forehead with him on the front lines, Bellum sees Roy as a peer— one who overcomes his seemingly glaring short-comings through sheer force of stubborn.

Farrok: Bellum reveres and respects Farrok, as he embodies Bellum’s idea of great adventure— a flying metal man who fought dragons in an epic war. Despite being over a thousand years old and a one-time general in the great Dragon Wars, Farrok has been in a lost, child-like mental state for much of he time he’s known Bellum. Bellum delights in having someone around who is in many ways more naive than him, seeing an opportunity to, for once, take up the role of teacher or guide. Whether it be inarticulately explaining the concept of freedom, or training with Farrok to help him regain his combat prowess, Bellum sees his robot friend as a sort of little brother, no matter how fleeting that relationship might stay that way. As Farrok regains his sense of self, the relationship is starting to turn back the other way, with Farrok as mentor and leader.

Bellum Cacoethes

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