1000-year-old Warforged army general. Wings of adamantine, nerves of steel. Partly metal, partly real.


Farrok, Age ~1000
Warforged Millennial Commander/9
Neutral Good
7’0’’, 450 lbs.

STR: 18 (4)
DEX: 15 (2)
CON: 16 (3)
INT: 15 (2)
WIS: 10 (0)
CHA: 18 (4)

BAB: 9/4
HP: 82
Speed: 20 ft. Fly: 60 ft.(Good), 40 ft. Encumbered
Initiave: +4
Grapple: 11
AC: 25 = 10 + 8 Armor + 1 Dex + 2 Natural + 4 Deflection
Touch AC: 15 Flat-footed AC: 24

Fort: 10 = 3 Base + 3 Ability + 4 Magic
Ref: 12 = 6 Base + 2 Ability + 4 Magic
Will: 10 = 6 Base + 0 Ability + 4 Magic

1 Keen Bladed Gauntlets: +12/7, (1d6+5), 13-20 x2
Composite Longbow(STR 4): 11/6, (1d8+4), x3
1 Keen Hiding Talenta Sharrash: +14/9 1d10+7 17-20 x3
Wings: 8/8 2d6+4 19-20 x2

Racial Traits/Class Features
1000 Years Old (+2 on all skill checks)
Light Fortification
Living Construct (Page 8, Races of Eberron)
Improved Cohort
Inspire Competence
Team Initiative +2
Inspire Courage +2
2 Fighter Bonus Feats

Adamantine Body(Races of Eberron)
Exotic Weapon Proficiency(phb)
Shorten Grip(Dragon #331)
Flyby Attack(Monster Manual)
Greater Flyby Attack(Savage Species)
Combat Expertise(phb)(Trained)
Improved Trip(phb)
Master Manipulator(phb2)

Skill Tricks:
Twisted Charge
Collector of Stories




+1 Keen Hiding Sharrash(Worn)
Vest of Resistance +4(Worn)
Ring of Protection +4(Worn)
Amulet of Natural Armor +2(Worn)
Cloak of Charisma +2(Worn)
Crystal of Aquatic Action, Least(In Torso)

254 gp


Farrok was created by Georg after being convinced to defect by Katharixzian. Georg, creator of the warforged, was commissioned to create a final weapon to destroy the dragons once and for all, and was told of the humanoid armies intent to use the weapon in their invasion of the newly formed dragon capital. Upon the eve of his commission, Georg, already convinced of the unethical ways of his actions by Katharixzian, prayed openly to any god that would hear his call. He then went about crafting Farrok, the perfect general to lead his warforged army. But his prayers had moved the gods, and one in particular: Onatar. The god of creation and the forge took pity on the artificer, and gave Farrok sympathy and empathy in the hopes that Farrok would defect like he did, as well as Georg’s inspiration to craft Farrok with extreme power. On the night of his activation, Georg spent the late hours telling Farrok of his plight, leaving the warforged to chose for himself the correct path to take. In the morning, Georg crept away from the army camp, never to be seen again. Farrok lead the army of humanoids and warforged against the dragons in many battles, but upon arriving on the battlefield of Black Mountain’s Pass, where the dragons made their last stand against the humanoids, Farrok was again enlightened by Onatar, and sided his warforged brethren against the humanoids. Despite the turning of the warforged during the battle, the humanoid army still possessed the upper-hand, and defeated the warforged and the dragons that day. Farrok was mentally tortured into disablement, and hung unconscious as a trophy in the halls of the new head commander of the humanoid armies, an elf named Calad Wadentho. He was reactivated upon Calad’s retirement and was passed down to his family members as a slave. He was a family heirloom of the Wadentho house until he met Jack.


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