This is an attempt to solidify gameplay by putting some previous decisions into writing.

This is a contradiction to the rulings as stated in The Snap Decision.

If during gameplay, including roleplay, roleplay encounters, and combat encounters, a decision or ruling is made by me that contradicts “logic” or written rules, and the correct ruling or “logical decision” is brought to my attention, any further decisions made by me are final, regardless of their rules contradiction or outcome.

Decisions in this nature will be strictly premeditated. At each break in a session, or at the conclusion of each session, I invite the players to ask about contradictory rulings. If I am able to reply with an answer, I will do so. If not, I will give an estimation as to when I may reply.

Furthermore, any questions asked about setting, timeline, or other elements related to the world of the campaign or plot will be answered to best of my ability and will be final.

This campaign is based in a world created by me, with many elements derived from the D&D universe. Though most of this universe is canon, there are decisions and plot elements that are crafted beyond the scope of this canon. There are things based on that plot that I simply cannot explain at the time. The power of the DM is mighty, however, and I know that the potential for abuse is high, especially for decisions without any explanation. Therefore, I will only defy “logic” in this sense with decisions that are made preemptively to the cause that conflicts with that specific rule. As for the world in which the game takes place, I will strive to make it a play experience that mimics real world elements as much as possible, but I believe SAVAGEHOMINID explains it best, “Fictional stories run of fictional logic, not realism.” This world might not always make “sense,” but sense is relative in the world of D&D. An explanation is out there, and finding that explanation is part of what makes this game so much fun.


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