Dragon Realms


The Dragon Realms is a territory located on the continent of Sen in which the remaining world’s population of dragons reside. The territory was formed as a central hub of the dragon resistance during the Dragon Wars, and became a territory under Ur-Vadadare’s rule at its conclusion.

The Realms’ borders are closely guarded by both dragon militants and humanoid armies, and no intelligent being moves in or out of the Realms for fear of rekindling the ancient conflict. This arrangement was presented as a condition of the armistices that ended the war roughly 1,000 years ago. As such, dragon sightings are unheard of, and the land is shrouded in mystery. Rumors abound, however, of a vast hoard of gold and an immense library within the Realms borders, among other tales.

Though the average citizen believes the Realms’ borders to be all but an impassable wall, powerful nobles and great kings of the surrounding nations know better. Dragon diplomats meet occasionally in secret with rulers of neighboring nations, and have acted as guides, mediators, or powerful guards throughout the years. While the guise of uneasy tension continues to keep the borders of the Realm strong, the dragons have been working for a millennia to strengthen the relationships with their humanoid neighbors.

Peace has permeated the Realms since the end of the war, so when its citizens came under attack during the recent Invasion of the Realms, many were caught off guard. Worse yet, Mephistopheles’ agents had already infiltrated and possessed many subterranean dwelling dragons, turning them against their brethren. Chaos engulfed the Realms as an army of Mephistopheles-loyal Drow emerged from the caves and chasms, attacking alongside devils and their new dragon partners. The battle was furious, but quick, and ended in only a few short hours with the dragons victorious, albeit with heavy losses.

Dragon Realms

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